Case Study



Increase visibility of the Developing Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy Act (or the DRIVE-Safe Act) as a solution for the nationwide truck driver shortage.


The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) is the premier trade organization representing the $280 billion foodservice distribution industry, which ensures a safe and efficient supply chain of food and products for more than one million restaurants and foodservice outlets in the U.S. every day.

The trucking industry is facing a massive driver shortage that’s affecting the movement of commerce in our country, and the lack of drivers has disproportionately impacted the foodservice distribution industry which requires the timely delivery of hundreds of thousands of products to professional kitchens each day.

The DRIVE Safe Act was introduced in Congress as critical legislation that both addresses the shortage and provides enhanced safety training for emerging trucking professionals.


Piper Communications’ created key messaging for IFDA that resonated with industries closely monitoring the impacts of the truck driver shortage. From there, the Piper team continuously monitored truck driver shortage news, created press releases, drafted talking points, oversaw op-ed placement and guest columns, followed social media influencers, created graphics and coordinated television and radio availability to spread awareness of the DRIVE-Safe Act as a solution for the truck driver shortage.

Piper Comm also created media toolkits for IFDA’s coalition members to use to describe the urgency in the truck driver shortage and how the DRIVE-Safe Act not only would alleviate the shortage but also instill a culture of safety in the workforce.


  • DRIVE Safe Act and IFDA’s support in the legislation appeared in nearly 100 media outlets
  • Appeared in 170 original news stories and counting
  • Drafted and placed eight guest columns and counting

By the numbers

  • 2.1B Online media coverage readership
  • 2.82M Media coverage views
  • 62K Media coverage social shares